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All our products are naturally sweet and made without the use of added sugar or sweeteners. We use a variety of Ontario grown, fresh quality apples to make our pure Apple Butter and Sweet Apple Ciders. For over 75 years our company has been manufacturing Quality Apple Products using the finest ingredients & time-tested recipes.

“Fresh Pressed” Sweet Apple Cider
Sweet Apple Cider
Sweet Apple Cranberry Cider
Apple Butter
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Wellesley Brand Sweet Apple Cider

A 100% pure Sweet Apple Cider made from a select variety of Ontario grown fresh apples. We use up to five (5) different varieties of apples to make this pure sweet cider.Apples that have been tree picked & selected for their Quality & Variety are thoroughly brush washed & inspected, before going to be processed.
This Sweet Apple Cider is then filtered & pasteurized into glass bottles. Note, we did not add any sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or water. This is 100% juice from fresh apples. Naturally good. Naturally sweet. Stores for up to one year unopened. Refrigerate after opening.
Each 175 ml serving contains 86Cal./360kj & 22 grams of naturally occurring sugar. Absolutely refreshing Hot or Cold. Wellesley Sweet Apple Cider makes it easy to enjoy your Apple a Day!

Wellesley Brand Sweet Apple Cranberry Cider

An excellent & refreshing taste combination. Our 100% pure Sweet Apple Cranberry Cider is made from carefully selected Canadian grown apples & 100% pure Cranberry concentrate. No sugar added, no water or preservatives. Fully pasteurized. Delicious hot or cold this cider has 90 Cal./380kj and 23 grams of naturally occurring sugar per 175ml serving. Stores up to one year unopened. Refrigerate after opening.

“Fresh Pressed” Sweet Apple Cider

(In Plastic Bottle, Always Refrigerate.) This truly is the king of Wellesley Brand Fresh Pressed Sweet Apple Ciders. It has the refreshing crisp taste of biting into a fresh apple. We use only the finest Quality Tree Picked Apples to make this pure juice. The important difference is our experience in choosing & blending up to five (5) different varieties of Fresh Apples to achieve this Quality taste.

After inspecting & Brush washing, the apples are turned into a pomace which is then pressed on our huge rack & cloth press. We feel this method of pressing apples gives this type of fresh pressed apple cider its excellent characteristics, Quality taste, and appearance. This cider looks darker & is more cloudy because it has not been filtered as much as other brands. This means more of the natural pectin’s & flavourful solids are still in the juice giving it a superior taste. All of our Fresh Pressed Wellesley Sweet Apple Cider is Flash Pasteurized & quickly chilled, before it is packaged into bottles.

It can be found in most supermarkets in and around Kitchener-Waterloo as well as the Toronto to Barrie and Orillia area. This pure cider always requires refrigeration and has a code date of five (5) weeks. A small amount (less than 1/10 of 1% ) of potassium sorbate is added to hold but not preserve the product.

Truly delicious cold, but when you heat it up. (simply in a mug in the microwave) this cider becomes absolutely fantastic. Try it with a stick of cinnamon to stir.

Wellesley Brand Apple Butter

“A Unique Taste Experience” Over 75 years ago, we began making this preserve from an old Pennsylvania Dutch recipe. Using Quality, Ontario grown fresh apples and our own unique method, we were able to produce an Apple Butter of excellent Quality. And today, things are still the same. Our continued emphasis on Quality means we still finish each individual batch to perfection. The result? A consistently high Quality product. “Naturally it is called Wellesley Brand Apple Butter”.

What exactly is it ?
A semi-sweet spread, made from a time-tested recipe using only the finest ingredients which result in an All Natural Product. No sugar or any other sweetener added. No preservatives, or artificial colourings. The sweetness and wholesome flavour are simply the result of the method we use and the Quality of our ingredients

How is it made ?
A special blend of firm, ripe apples are used that have been selected for their variety and texture as well as their natural sweetness and acidity. Some are pressed into fresh apple cider, others are wholly steamed and cooked after which the peels and cores are strained out, leaving a flavourful apple puree. A combination of this freshly pressed cider and apple puree is added to a large steam vat. A small amount of bicarbonate of soda is added to reduce the acidity and help bring out the sweetness of the natural sugar. This mixture is then boiled until the evaporation process has reduced its volume by about seven (7) times. This concentration really captures the natural fructose sugar and the wholesome flavour or the apple.

What to use it on ?
All apple lovers and good food enthusiasts will enjoy the rich, piquant flavour of this preserve. However, it is fast becoming popular with people who are health conscious about the food they eat as well as people on special diets that are watching their sugar and fat intakes. The natural Qualities of Wellesley Brand Apple Butter are such that it contains only Natural occurring sugars and zero grams of fat.
In a 15ml/20gr (1 Tbsp.) serving there are 48cal./201kj. and 11g of naturally occurring sugar.

Apple butter is always outstanding as a spread on toast, muffins, tea biscuits,or fresh bread etc, but also has a natural affinity for pork. Try it as a garnish on fresh farmers pork sausage or pork chops off the barbeque, or as a glaze or marinade before you cook a pork roast or ham.

Another excellent combination is Apple Butter & low fat creamed cottage cheese, ontoast, for a really tasty low fat snack.
Apple Butter should be refrigerated after opening & used within six months.

Wellesley Brand Apple Syrup

Our Apple syrup is made from Fresh Quality Apples. That’s it! Used as a topping on pancakes, ice-cream or wherever you would use Maple Syrup. Its unique taste along with the fact it has no added sugar or preservatives make it a delicious taste sensation. All natural and zero grams of fat, it can be used as a natural sweetener over breakfast cereal, or in baking, in place of molasses. Also works as a glaze or marinade for ham or pork roast. It is made from fresh Apple Cider by an evaporation process that captures the natural sugar & the essence of the apple. Per 15ml/20g serving there are 13g of naturally occurring sugar with 56 Cal. and zero grams of fat.

“Have Your Apple a Day the Wellesley Way"

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